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Start a creative Start-up

Creative people are eager to put their skills into practice. Discover the creative community and the fresh spirits of Alba Iulia and beyond!

Start a Tech Start-up

Big companies in Alba County need skilled employees in different fields, mostly in robotics. New tech finds rapidly appliances in Alba Iulia.

Start a Web Service Start-up

Beautiful historical spaces are waiting for being populated with people. Discover the most amazing hidden gems of The Citadel! 

Start any kind of Start-up

You can start any kind of business in Alba Iulia. We will help by providing you the necessary contacts and info.

Start a collaboration with a company

Partnerships are also welcome! Find your perfect business partner/collaborating company and develop your firm.

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How Things Work


You contact us and we will try to deliver every information you need regarding a potential investment. 


We will support you to draft a brief in order to create a small strategy for your future visit in Alba Iulia. 


We will help in order for you to accomodate with the romanian business climate.


We will assist you to ease the process of establishing a new company in Alba Iulia.  


If needed, we can provide further assistance after the investment is made and the start-up starts its activity. 
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The support team

Maria-Elena Seemann, project coordinator

Tudor Drâmbărean, engagement expert

Ovidiu Podaru, project manager

Liviu Stanciu, local expert

Cristiana Filimon, local expert

Constantin Inel, local expert

Alexandru Damian, Chief Architect

Flaviu Buta, Communication manager 

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November 24, 2021
Start an IT Start-up

Becoming “The Startup Fortress” of Europe is an ambitious objective for Alba Iulia. Named “the other capital”, Alba Iulia is a city whose positioning has always been boldly built in opposition to Bucharest, the actual capital of the country. Alba is small, cheeky, a pioneer in city marketing as well as smart city technologies, and […]

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September 26, 2021
A well qualified workforce available at competitive levels

It is well known the fact that the training system in Romania is appreciated in the whole world because of the large number of valuable human resources which were formed here and employed within multinational companies in Europe and all over the World. For example, the large number of Romanian employees at the Microsoft Corporation […]

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September 25, 2021
Alba Iulia is an awarded city

Alba Iulia is a city with multiple national and international awards. In the past few years the rehabilitation works of the Vauban Alba Carolina Citadel - for which more than 50 million Euros were invested - and the efforts carried out by Alba Iulia Municipality for enhancing the tourism potential and for increasing the visibility […]

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